So we can agree, a lot about religion seems crazy. Even if you’re a faithful believer, there’s still probably lots of things that seem weird, not to mention the strangeness of all the religions you don’t follow. There‚Äôs plenty of reasons to be skeptical about organized religion: the scandal, the cultishness, the archaic tradition.

Somehow despite all this, lots of people really need it! It is such an important part of so many people’s lives, and even non-believers can’t deny the incredible impact organized religion has had on every facet of human existence.

What if there was some in-between, where we could adapt the best parts of religion for modern life without the baggage of hurtful dogma? What if we could still turn to our religious roots for the existential meaning we so desperately seek without sacrificing common sense and reason?

The Catholic Atheist: The Case For Religion after the Death of Theology is writer Robbie Cowan‘s one-person quest to save religion by ending it. In his forthcoming book, he details how we can use the existing structures of organized religion even after we’ve discarded the supernatural elements of traditional theology. It is a message of hope to people who still go to church as well as those who would like to return.

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